Beginning The Production Of Permaculture.TV

As We Begin To Produce Permaculture.TV

It’s Somewhat Surprising That The Modern Promoters Of Permaculture Seem To Be Australian.

However The Term Seems To Come From Permanent Agriculture And The Influencers Of Permaculture Include Asian Nations Where Our People Traveled Through Those Lands And Observed The Architecture Those People Built To Sustain Peoples On The Lands. 

It’s Interesting Thinking About Sculpting Agricultural Areas To Be Highly Productive.

Although That Is It’s Own Thing.

How We Can Sculpt And Utilise The Sum Total Of The Lands To Be Both Nurturing And Productive Is A Bigger Challenge For The Australian People. 

I Think In The Decades To Come. We Are Going To See Entire Housing Estates Be Demolished. Because We Will Find That The Lifestyles And Development Techniques Change So Quickly That The Designs Of Previously Built Estates Will Be Obsolete And The Estates Will Be Eyesores.

I Also Don’t Think People Realise. That The Paradigm. Of Infinite Cars. Infinite Black And White Roads. And Infinite Box Homes. Is A Curse Paradigm. That There Is A Force That Does Not Wish To See Us Break Out Of. 

We Need To Take The Reins Of The Production Paradigm In Our Own Nations. And Produce Environments That Harness Natural Energies. And And Make Them Compelling Places To Be. Places That Are Conducive To The Sustenance Of Life.  

I Will Be Kicking Off Permaculture.TV With Some Coverage Of The Work Im Doing At Our Family Home. A Lot Of The Content Will Be Lean Forward Study Of Agriculture Techniques And Land Management In Australian Type Bush Environments. 

Our First Content On Permaculture.TV Will Be Coming Soon.






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