P.A Yeomans developed Keyline in the 1950s.

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P.A Yeomans developed Keyline in the 1950s. At first interest in this system of farming was intense, with 1000s visiting to learn Keyline methods, however the green revolution and associated chemical fertiliser subsidies sidelined Keyline until today. Rising fertiliser costs and land degradation have set the stage for Keyline’s return to prominence as a regenerative methods of land management that builds top soil and fertility rapidly. Attend a Keyline Farming workshop with RegenAG. Visit for full details.

Ken Yeoman discusses Keyline Design and the Keyline Scale of Permanence

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The first book on Keyline book was published in 1954. In it, P. A. Yeomans exploded the myth that it takes 1,000 years to produce an inch of topsoil. Yeomans pioneered, among other things, the use of on farm irrigation dams in Australia, as well as chisel plows and subsoil aerating rippers. Yeomans perfected a system of amplified contour ripping that controlled rainfall run off and enabled the fast flood irrigation of undulating land without the need for terracing.
Although Keyline was initially developed for rural property planning and is superb Landcare it also provides a basis for more sustainable suburban planning and larger subdivisions.

Keyline Designs features large earth walled irrigation dams that are all equipped with through-the-wall Lockpipe systems to gravity feed irrigation, stock water and yard water. Across the landscape the dams may be interlinked by channels. These graded earth channels broaden the catchment areas of high dams, conserve the height of water and transfer rainfall run-off into the most efficient high dam sites. The road systems of Keyline follow both ridge lines and the graded contour water channels. Contour roads and paths, being almost flat, provide easy low energy movement across even very undulating land.

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Darren Doherty and Ben Falloon have been working on the latest effort to make the Yeomans Keyline Plow perform multiple functions as it patterns its way through landscapes. Now we are getting closer to our latest incarnation, The ‘Keyline Super Plow’.

In Darren’s words, “…the ‘Super Plow’ prototype now deep cultivates, injects & sprays compost tea / biofertilisers and sows cocktail / shotgun biological subsoilers and pastoral species all in a single pass.”


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