Howard Yana-Shapiro

The upcoming Los Angeles Arboretum Permaculture Design Course will be the first ever taught there.  Flyer Credit:  Caitlin Bergman

Course dates are 8 Saturdays, Oct 2 – Nov20, and & 1 Sunday, Nov 21.   The first 8 days of the course will be held in the facilities and on the grounds of the Los Angeles Arboretum, and the final day of the course will be held at the Los Angeles Eco-Village.

Because the traditional PDC format does not optimally serve student availability and future needs, we have modified the PDC format in numerous ways, among them:

  • we scheduled it for weekend days only, so working Americans don’t have to devote their entire annual vacation to it;
  • we infuse community-building throughout the course, rather than the usual nod it gets on the final day;
  • we incorporate daily hands-on exercises to reinforce the intellectual experience with the skills students require;
  • we follow Dave Jacke’s cyclical structure, in acknowledgement that circadian rhythms delimit learning dynamics;
  • we introduce topics with scientific rigor (including references to the scientific literature);
  • we utilize a guest-teacher/speaker-series format to augment our expertise on numerous topics.

Organizing Team:  Botanist Caitlin Bergman (lead), Atmospheric Scientist Kirstie Stramler, and Fluvial Geomorphology student Owen Hablutzel.

Course Website:

Guest Teachers:

*         Warren Brush (Quail Springs, True Nature Design)
*         Howard Yana-Shapiro, Phd. (Mars Inc., World Agroforestry Center)
*         Lois Arkin (Los Angeles Eco-Village, Global Village Institute)
*         Wes Roe and Margie Bushman (Santa Barbara Permaculture Network)
*         Owen Hablutzel (Permaculture Research Institute USA)
*         Kirstie Stamler (Permaculture.TV)
*         Lindsay Dailey (Villa Sobrante, Earth Repair)
*         Gavin Raders (Planting Justice)
*         Neil Bertrando (Radiant Tortoise Permaculture, Great Basin Institute)
*         Dave Fortson (LOA Tree)
*         Caitlin Bergman (Say Permaculture)

There are some amazing folks signed up for our course; we’re excited and honored to be able to empower the next generation of the Los Angeles Permaculture scene!   The course is nearly at capacity, because we’ve capped enrollment to keep the student/instructor ratio low, so if you want to join our crew, call or email today!    626.821.4624

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