Ross Evans founder of World Bike and Xtracycle (a commercial open source bike platform) talks at the Maker Faire, San Mateo, 2010

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Ross Evans from tinkering to world changing from Permaculture Cooperative on Vimeo.

As a young and idealistic student, Ross found his way to Nicaragua in 1995. A love of bicycles and welding fueled his quest to design simple ways for poor people to carry stuff by bike. Ross’s early maker roots have since blossomed into and Come get inspired to make a holishift in your life and do what you love to make a positive difference.

Source: Maker Faire

Source: World Bike

Ross Evans: At the age of 19, Ross travelled to Managua carrying with him bike tools, a welder and a question for his undergraduate thesis project. Alongside a group of war-disabled men, he set out in pursuit of a simple, cargo-carrying bicycle solution. What began in 1995 became two pioneering organizations – Worldbike, and it’s altruistic “for-profit” sibling, Xtracycle. In the process, Ross discovered how to enable a beautiful machine (the bicycle) to meet more needs and desires than ever before. ID Magazine declared him one of the 40 most notable socially responsible designers in the world in 2000. Curious and catalytic, he’s led a team of world-class eye surgeons to develop cataract surgical tools for Nepal, developed an award-winning construction toy and presented at the TED Conference. He is a Stanford-trained engineer, adventurer, inventor, humanitarian, yogi and design catalyst. Ross inspires others to do what we love to make a positive difference. He calls it “holishift”.

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