Some photos of a lightening visit to Totnes, Devon the UK a couple of months ago, where I was gracefully given the time to discuss the permaculture worker cooperative research and development with a co-founder of Transition Movement and meet a have a few beers at the train station with the web manager for the network. Also visited the Schumacher College, and spent an afternoon in the library.

Totnes is an English town with a great heritage and an exciting future. The town is well worth a visit. Although the sign at the front of the Transition Towns Totnes entry spells-out, pretty clearly, that for those on a Transition pilgrimage, don’t expect too much. The Transition project has just started, projects are just now being implemented.

The message also made it clear, that Transition is something that only people of their own community can create. There is no formula. No simple framework. What the Transition people do is catalogue some of the ways they and others are trying to make sense of climate change and peak oil, and how that works for them.

I must admit, that I was extremely skeptical of Transition Towns Network, and have published some harsh things. However, I do think its a fascinating and relatively open process and encourage everyone to check it out and get involved.

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