Matthew Simmons, a fourth generation Republican, energy advisor to Bush White House, oil banker, peak oiler and now founder of offshore renewable venture-capital and think-tank Ocean Energy Institute makes shocking accusations against BP.

July17, Matthew Simmons calls for BP to be criminally and bankruptcy investigated, have military take-over, evacuate the Gulf. Gulf of Mexico has been killed, worst environmental disaster globally…
King World News interviews Matthew Simmons (mp3)

July 15th, 2010, 20 minute interview on Background Briefing, Ian Masters interview with KPFK – Pacifica Los Angeles
Matthew Simmons on BP Gulf deception (mp3)

Bloomberg TV, July 21, 2010
YouTube Preview Image

“What we don’t know anything about is the open hole which is caused by the drill bit when it tossed the blow-out preventer way out of the hole…and 120,000 minimum of toxic poison

MSNBC, May 26
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  • BP will become bankrupt, clean-up of Gulf will cost over 1 trillion USD.
  • BP has been lying about the sealing of the leak, it continues at another site
  • the cyclone season will bring poisons to the surface that may kill people along the Gulf, requiring evacuation
  • worst environmental disaster in the history of the world
  • has spoken to Energy Secretary Chu, government scientists and industry insiders who support his claims
  • the only proven way to seal the leak is the use of a nuclear explosion, but this would take 6-9 months as the USA does not have any ready explosives, despite years of operation Plowshare
  • BP executives where partying on rig when explosion occurred
  • Republicans in Washington think this is conspiracy by Obama and environmentalists to stop offshore oil
  • Simmons hopes Obama can become like Lincoln and become great president to unite the country

Since Matthew Simmons works as an investment banker to the oil and gas industry, there are some that have put forward the theory that his doom-saying is merely a ploy to obtain more business for his business that finances oil and gas drilling rigs. However, Simmons appears quite sincere and has even founded a major alternative energy foundation, the Ocean Energy Institute. The Ocean Energy Institute researches and develops energy sources from the oceans such as wind energy and tidal energy

Source: Wikipedia

Readers here at Clusterfuck Nation are probably well aware of my past declarations of being allergic to conspiracy theories and crazy ideas generally. I’m not really equipped to evaluate Matt Simmons’s warnings about the exact nature of the Macondo blowout and what might happen in the months ahead. But I am confident, having met the guy and corresponded with him and read his books, that he is a straight shooter. I’m sure that he is sincere in proclaiming his extreme discomfort with the position he’s taken. Listen and decide for yourselves. (SIMMONS INTERVIEW WITH ERIC KING)

Source: Clusterfucknation

4 Responses to “Matthew Simmons on BP: oil-gusher-continues, liers, criminals, bankrupts”

  1. miltonics says:

    This is from May 26th… this is old news.

    • no its not actually. the Bloomberg TV is very recent, 3 days old, the mp3/radio interview a week or so, but yes, the MSNBC is from the day the small “leak” was sealed leaving the much larger and separate source of gushing oil

  2. Chris says:

    Great update – even if the news is horrific.

    • I dont have the technical competence or the time to check that it is true. But Matthew Simmons is a reputable if interested commentator. I know The Oil Drum has dismissed his comments, he has a financial interest in offshore oil going down. Strangely they didnt have a problem with him as a peak oil booster. Peak Oil = scarcity = increased prices = increased profits. Makes me think The Oil Drum community is demonstrating a kind of groupthink and its emotional (and other less obvious) associations with the oil industry

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