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Bristol gardener up for TV prize

A Bristol gardener is hoping to “put Easton on the map” by winning a television competition.

Nick Ward, co-ordinator of Eastside Roots gardening project, is one of four people with a chance to become the Community Gardening Champion on The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

There is a prize of £10,000 of gardening vouchers at stake as well as a 10-minute slot on each programme of the next series of the show.

Mr Ward, 37, said he hoped this would be his chance to give the eco-movement in Bristol the attention it deserved, as well as recognising the hard work of all those involved.

Eastside Roots is a not-for-profit workers’ co-operative that evolved from the Bristol Permaculture Group’s idea to provide a gardening hub for Easton and the wider Bristol community.

The term permaculture, which comes from the idea of permanent agriculture, is about making land sustainable by working with nature.

As well as a site in Old Market, where people can grow food and take part in horticultural courses, the group is turning derelict land next to Stapleton Road station into a community park.

Mr Ward said: “We offer lots of training and information-sharing schemes and workshops, everything from keeping bees to timber framing and busting myths about food.

“We want to share information that might be lost if it is not passed down through the generations.”

The idea for Eastside Roots came in 2005 when Mr Ward was studying a permaculture design course and realised Bristol, although renowned for its green credentials, lacked a gardening hub

Source: This Is Bristol


“Eastside Roots – a gardening Hub for the East side of Bristol. Connecting people and plants”

About Eastside Roots

Eastside Roots is creating a community gardening hub for Easton & the wider Bristol community, by renovating derelict land next to Stapleton Road train station & transforming it into a safe, social, positive, thriving green space & community resource. The green space at Trinity Centre is also being transformed into a flourishing garden with edible & flowering plants.

The aim is to create a forum for the sharing of skills & knowledge, for education, resource hire, as a plant & seed shop, as a demonstration of urban organic & permaculture food production, & a space for holding events & celebrations.

Source: Eastside Roots

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