Mondragon and Permaculture

In the Mp3 audio of Bill Mollison 1983 PDC (Permaculture Designers Certificate) in Stanley,Tasmania (Geoff Lawton attended) that are available as DVD for sale and on the internet, Bill Mollison talks at length about the Mondragon Cooperative (along with Commonworks etc) as an organisational framework – a natural order of People Care and Fair Share for Earth Care that permaculture projects ought use.

I actually found and listened to these Mp3’s just before we went to Mondragon (such is life!). We really did Build The Road as We Travel (the only book on Mondragon that we saw on tour).

Also, re-reading the Permaculture Designers Manual 1988 he has a couple of references again to Mondragon in the Alternative Nation section towards the end of the book.

Source: – Notes on Mondragon & Permaculture,

DVD of 1983 Bill Mollison PDC Audio in Mp3 - 47 hours

DVD of 1983 Bill Mollison PDC Audio in Mp3 - 47 hours

by Bill Mollison

* Yes you can still participate in a Bill Mollison, Permaculture Design Course.
* Featuring 47 hours of the Master of Permaculture.
* Professional recording with accompanying diagrams.

In September of 1983 I had a rare opportunity to spend two weeks at a Permaculture Design Course by Bill Mollison. It occurred to me that not everyone had such an opportunity.
In an attempt to make that course available to everyone I took professional recording equipment with me. Much editing later, I present the enthusiast with an audio set which marks a point in history. A time before Permaculture has become a household word.
– Jeff Nugent, editor.

I have owned a set of these recordings for many years. It is a recording of the design course which I actually attended in 1983. They capture Bill in classic form – full of energy, enthusiasm, and passion. As a Permaculture teacher, designer and consultant, working on numerous projects around the world, I have found them to be an invaluable and endless source of reference information and inspiration.

Geoff Lawton

DVD of 47 hours of Mp3, Bill Mollison 1983 PDC

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